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Saturday 25 Sep 2021 till Wednesday 29 Sep 2021

5k @ EASD Virtual Challenge 2021

United States, Anywhere

Info page: 5k @ EASD Virtual Challenge 2021

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Join us for the FREE 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge anytime during 25-29 September, 2021!

Register for FREE at: https://raceroster.com/events/2021/49965/2021-5k-at-easd-virtual-challenge

In 2020, the 5K@EASD had over 5,900 finishers and raised 93,000+ DKK for World Diabetes Foundation Kyrgyzstan project. For 2021, we are aiming to raise 100,000 DKK for the World Diabetes Foundation Guatemala project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Sign up today and invite your friends from around the world to this FREE diabetes awareness activity.

The 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge brings together people across the globe and EASD delegates to emphasize the need for increased physical activity to help prevent diabetes and diabetes complications. This FREE disease awareness activity provides participants with the opportunity to raise public awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and controlling diabetes.

All that you need to do is complete a 5K run or walk anytime between 25 - 29 September and enter your race finish time in your participant profile by taking these easy steps:

Click here to register for the 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge.
Download the 5K@EASD mobile app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
When you have completed your 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge anytime during 25 - 29 September, submit your results here.
Snap a photo of your finishing the 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge and share it on social media with #5KEASD, #EASD2021 and #ChangingDiabetes to be featured on social media and in the 5K@EASD photo gallery! You can even take a finisher selfie with a virtual medal inside the 5K@EASD mobile app.
Check out your results on our virtual course in Stockholm and download your 5K@EASD Virtual Challenge Finisher Certificate in the 5K@EASD mobile app!


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