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Saturday 18 Jul 2020

Vivia Run&More Weekend 2020

Bosnia Herzegovina, Banja Luka

Info page: Vivia Run&More Weekend 2020

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We are driven and inspired by those whom miles mean no effort but victory, whom goal is not a finish line but a thread of connections, those who feel good vibrations of our city - because of them, for the third year in a row, we organize unforgettable races, make memories and new friends. We will open our soul and share it with all of them whos coming back to us and new one who are coming for the first time to us.

In the historic heart of the city, Kastel Fortress we will make good times by socializing, dancing, fun, partying. We will learn. This is the festival that drives everyones; kids and schoolboys, athletes and recreational participants, runners and dancers, volunteers and fans. Banja Luka's green alley for the weekend, from 10th to 12th of April, 2020 will host: RMC Half Marathon (21km), 10km Race, Team Race 5km, School Race, Junior Race, EDU Coaching Forum, EXPO Sports Fair, Concerts , street gigs & more…


21.1km Half Marathon
10km Run
Canceled 2020 because of Corona
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